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Who Is Carl Riccio?

My name is Carl Riccio and I am from Warren, New Jersey. I recently graduated from Villanova University and am looking forward to attending law school in the fall. I grew up in a large, sports oriented family. For the first 17 years of my life, my goals and aspirations mostly revolved around athletics. I became a state champion in wrestling, and in my favorite sport of baseball I was awarded a position on the Junior Preseason All-American Baseball Team. It was very gratifying to feel I was on track to reach my life long goal of playing professional baseball.

On February 22, 2003, something happened in a split second that forever changed the course of my life. I suffered a severe spinal cord injury (SCI) while competing in a high school wrestling match. The injury rendered me a quadriplegic. After my injury, I realized that I had to redirect my life, rethink my goals, and take a different path toward success. I met many people with similar injuries to mine. Some were beaten, and felt that their lives were over. To watch this happen to another human being is a life changing experience. I donít know why I have been given the ability to go on striving for success despite my physical challenges, but I do know that in itself makes me a lucky man...

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From The Message Board

  • "Thank you for the update. I remember being touched by Carl's story years ago and wrote a story in a Michigan newspaper about it. I believe you had a link to it back then. I have wondered about Carl on and off, and to be honest, I could not think of his name. Tonight, I saw the name of a person named Carl, and a light bulb went on - it was Carl Riccio! A quick Google! and voila! I found this. I am so happy that things have turned out as well as they have. Please pass on my congratulations to Carl for becoming a lawyer. What a special young man. His story has always touched me. -"
    - Chip Mundy
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