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carlos suarez 2/14/2010 8:28:06 pm

hey carl,
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carlos suarez 2/14/2010 8:28:06 pm

hey carl,

it's been too long since the last time i spoke with you but i just read your pop's most recent posting on your blog and, while over the years i've been an avid reader of the updates you and your father send out, i've never posted on this before. this time around though, i just had to...

my family and i just have to tell you that we are not only proud but tremendously happy to read how your perseverance, determination and will-power have prevailed for both you and your entire family. i can not even fathom and begin to comprehend the ups and downs you and your family have been through but what i can tell you is that the strength you possess, has clearly been passed along to each member of your family. pretty amazing to read how when life threw you one hell of a curve ball you didn't simply look at it go by for strike three but rather, you stood back, with patience and conviction, and took it the other way for not just a hit, but what seems like a home-run. (yes, i had to throw in a baseball analogy of course, only way people like us can truly understand stuff)

compliments on approaching the end of your second year of seton hall law school by the way. from what my cousin tells me, it definitely isn't a walk in the park, so i can't even imagine the work-load and most importantly the reading. i wouldn't be surprised if you've ran into him (armando suarez) on campus or even in class.

best regards carl to you and your family and tell your poppa dukes to keep his head up cause he, without a doubt, has a whole lot to be proud of. the "koolest" thing though to keep in mind about everything you've accomplished is that this is really just the beginning. the real good stuff has yet to even come. scary thought, i know.

aunt margaret 2/14/2010 9:17:20 pm

hi,carl. happy valentine's day! we had a lovely,romantic valentine dinner with your dad last night-we ate about 200 appetizers,some ravioli,lasagna,and a ton of other stuff,as usual. but most of all we had fun just farting around and talking. uncle john was mostly just farting. iknow you're working hard,but just think, only a few short monyhs from now summer will be here. uncle john and i went to the villanova basketball game this past saturday with michael and little michael-villanova beat providence and little michael told me that he's going to be playing for the wildcats someday,only he has great aspirations-he plans to be playing on nova's basketball,baseball and footballteams.! hey,why not...

carl, you are always>
love, aunt carla 2/20/2010 12:02:59 pm

carl, what a beautiful>
mccarey, danny 2/20/2010 6:57:19 pm

if aunt carla>
jenifer kampe 3/26/2010 1:10:23 am

hey carl. just wanted to let you know that you are a great person. you are lucky to have so many people in your life that love you and take care of you. i'm keeping you in my prayers

matthew 11/25/2010 4:30:33 am

hey carl you do not know who>
jessica-- an old friend 12/15/2010 2:18:49 am

hey carl, just came across>
aunt margaret 2/21/2011 4:30:22 pm

although we don't all post messages to carl as often as we had done over the past eight years,i want him to know that his family's love and support will be there for him ,always. carl has made it easier for all of us to maybe not forget his injury,but to overlook and see past it . he continues to inspire us all. love,aunt margaret

aunt tammy 2/21/2011 7:40:08 pm

hi carl, wow what a beautiful moving letter my brother posted. he loves you so much! all of us love you! i can't believe you will be graduating from law school in a few months. wish you luck in your studies and your final exams. i will for ever be proud of you carl. you are "my hero", you inspire me! i love you!
aunt carla 2/22/2011 8:50:58 am

yes, carl you are the wind beneath our wings, not only your father's!! i love you for who you are with in..many people have outer strength-but our inner strength is one thing no one can take away from us-we are not born with it-we become strong through the elements of what life brings us-we grow from it or collape-you have grown-and will continue to do so on your journey through life..nothing is imposssible!!
william b. urinoski 2/22/2011 11:31:12 pm

i'll never forget where i was, what the day was like, and what i was doing - nor will i forget my reaction - when my daughter, ann urinoski ( ), called me from that match, to tell me about carl's tragic fall. once again, i'm saddened to hear that a miracle has not taken place *yet* to restore even some of carl's lost mobility. occasionally i find myself, anxiously and hopefully, searching the 'net for updates on his situation and related medical technology and news.

during these searches, as is the case with following my daughter's links to this page, i find myself reading the resulting pages through blurred vision. i'm encouraged, though not surprised, to see that carl has managed to find a way to pursue his dreams despite the obstacles that have been placed in his path. even with all the challenges he faces each and every day, he continues to set a courageous example for all of us.

he remains *the* ultimate warrior.
a. kachidurian 12/9/2011 2:05:36 pm
aunt tammy 2/15/2012 11:55:07 am

pete, well i read the whole letter! carl is not only your inspiration but mine and so many others as well. he is my hero! carl will continue to impress the world by all that he is and will be!

jamie kota 2/15/2012 9:59:15 pm

my name is jamie kota a lock haven university graduate 1994 and teammate of danny smith. i just wanted to drop a note to you. i live in nc and this season we just had 2 wrestlers with spinal cord injuries! i was emailing the coaches, and pastors with some information. and i had sort of placed your story in the back of my mind, when guess what shows up in my email today - yep your link! god's timing is truly perfect. i haven't heard an update in a long time. i was wondering if we might try to put you in contact with these families, could be a situation where you could step up and be a mentor for these families and young men. let me know - incredible to see god at work!
margaret mc 2/16/2012 11:32:39 pm

i love you and carl and those other wonderful riccio's. 2012 is going to be a great year for all of you!!!!
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